My first birth occurred at the beginning of the 1950’s under the name of France La Pointe. I am the fourth child in a family of eight, from a mother who was “Queen of the home” and a father who was a carpenter. The family moved all over Québec’s Eastem Townships in Canada as well as in the United States.  What adventures! 

The beginning of Community Colleges led me to Sherbrooke. In
1972, proud of my nursing school certificate, from the Community College of Sherbrooke, I spent a year working as a nurse at the CHUS in Sherbrooke. With a few dollars in my pocket, I traveled throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico. I continued exploring the world while living in  Europe.  Upon my return to Canada, I settled in Québec City and life brought me back to the Community College setting, but this time to Limoilou as teacher. During the years that followed, I worked and furthered my training in education,
sexology and psychotherapy. 

The love of travel took me to Switzerland, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, England, Equator, New Zealand and often to the United States.  Over the years I enjoyed canoeing, sailing, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, camping, motorcycling and horseback riding.

After a long gestational period, my second birth occurred under the name of AZA

following a gift of a paintbrush and watercolor pigments, which I will never forget…