​My artistic journey has been a slow process of research and soul

searching which came to life in three stages:

conception and birth, childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Conception and birth

Since my childhood, I have searched for ways to express myself.  Coming from a working-class family where “real work” was a priority, creating objects for their beauty or for pleasure was not valued.

While I still had a « real job », I explored different artistic approaches without truly finding a medium  and a style that was worth pursuing.

My gestational period began in the early 1980’s with basketry and pottery, which were both very popular during this period, and with photography. Not satisfied, I tried drawing, but without any success.  The piano attracted me, but it was only a childhood dream… However, the theater allowed me to explore new emotions through my characters.

It wasn’t until 1994 that, through a friend, I discovered a new passion: watercolor painting.  During this self-taught period I favored a representational style. While inspiring myself with photographs, I gradually added creative elements in my paintings. 

Later, I continued my research through creative workshops at the Atelier de Création Trace.  I loved having a guide, exploring different mediums and especially sharing with other artists who had the same desire to express themselves.  The creation of works via themes and the drawing with models, allowed my cartesian mind to let my imagination develop.  Several collective exhibits crowned these sessions. 


My solo exhibit at the Centre des médias du Cégep Limoilou, proved to be a work of intense creativity : selecting, framing, titling, evaluating my paintings; conceiving the notice, the invitations, the publicity; setting up the exposition, organizing the preview, delivering the paintings sold and taking it them all down.

Also, in 2008, three sessions in Visual Arts at the Ste-Foy Cébep (Community College), helped perfect the techniques of my artistic journey.  Presently, I am fascinated with the use of abstract painting to express myself. 

Acrylic, my medium of predilection and contemporary abstract, my style, allow me to express myself symbolically and poetically.

My creative gesture begins with the application of textures or colors on the canvas without a pre-established plan, occasionally inspired by the colors or shapes of a photograph. The painting is revealed at its own pace.

Sometimes it takes shape spontaneously and delivers its message in immediately. Or, it is allowed to tame gently, and the long gestation requires several additions of paint with the spatula, the brush or the pebble. Sometimes, in a sensual gesture, I caress the canvas with a cloth so as to leave only a thin transparent layer where one can perceive the secrets buried.

I use what inspires me to create different textures and footprints that integrate and finalize the painting. In other circumstances, the urgency of letting go and daring the whole for the whole radically transforms the picture that reaches its finality. On some canvases we find figurative elements.

My work arises from my interior and reveals a projection of my being, my emotions, my fantasies, my desires and my personality.